The Survival Kit for Baby’s First Cold/Flu

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As I type this, everyone in my house is on some combination of drugs. I hate to admit it but I am probably the one that brought this dreadful cold into the house. Soon enough, the nanny got it and then the little one began battling it herself. The first night, we stayed up watching Peppa Pig as snot dribbled down her face and she would let me wipe it off. Motherhood is such fun!

There are a couple of things I’ve used or done to help make her as comfortable as possible. It’s just a cold so I don’t think it’s necessary to rush to the doctors only for them to prescribe antibiotics for something that I know will pass in a couple of days. Like with most bugs, the best thing you can do for your baby is offer lots of rest and cuddles.

Hydration is key

The doctor advice on this is pretty solid. You want to keep your baby as hydrated as possible so if you’re still breastfeeding, do so. My LO was anti water even though she loves it usually but we knew she couldn’t survive on milk alone. So I made beef broth to get more fluid in her. You can also do porridge or cocoa but NO juice because it just irritates the cold. Beef broth is pretty good and bones are super cheap. Even if LO isn’t eating as well, this can tide them over for a little bit. I boil the bones with some onion and very little salt.

Decongestant Capsules

These are great for kids and adults alike. They helped me out phenomenally! They’re these capsules with aromatic oils. For my LO, I snip the capsule, sprinkle the contents onto a liner. When she was much younger, I would hang it on the crib where she wouldn’t reach it and put it in her mouth but still get enough of the aroma to open her up. Now that she’s older, I place it under her head or somewhere close to that. In a few minutes, no matter how congested she was, she opens up and breathes easier.

And all that snot?

Isn’t it funny how there is a point in your life where you didn’t know how to blow your nose? Now, my child hates anyone touching her face so getting her mucus out is always a task. Two things that have helped me here are a nasal aspirator and a product called NoseFrida. The aspirator is a handy little thing that basically sucks out the mucus from your child’s nose. You squeeze the bulb, stick it in the nostril and release. It comes out with most of the mucus. You can get it at just about any baby shop. It comes as part of a baby grooming set.

We used to use this when she was younger but a friend of mine sent me this fantastic thing called a NoseFrida. Now, it’s unavailable locally but you can order overseas and use a service like Savostore to get it delivered. If you know someone travelling to South Africa, you can send them as well.


I’ve noticed that when my LO is unwell, she becomes super clingy and just wants mommy time. I think the best healer ultimately is lots of cuddles with your baby. When she’s sick, we co-sleep and throw schedules out the window. We watch lots of Tinga Tinga tales and sing our ABCs late into the night. Nothing makes baby feel safer than having you there.


Any special tricks you have to help baby with a flu? Drop your solid advice in the comments below!


Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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