How To Quit Your Job

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If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I quit my job last year. I did an extended notice period of 3 months as a courtesy to my boss to help her transition and it was also time for me to figure things out. I know what it’s like to be in a job that is no longer serving you and if you’ve found yourself in a similar space, here are some things that I’ve learned.

You need to know your WHY

Going back to work after the baby in March was hella hard. I couldn’t focus and hated everything about it. But, I chalked this up to post partum depression which hit me pretty hard. However, even once I was in therapy and on meds, I still felt the same way about the job- it was time to leave. A lot of this was shrouded in regular dissatisfaction with the organisation and leadership but once I unpacked all that, I was able to see it was me that had grown out of the role. I wasn’t challenged and everything in the universe was telling me to move on. So I did. If you find yourself constantly frustrated with your job, fixing it and still ending up in the same place then it’s time to ask yourself WHY you’re there in the first place. A little soul searching will show you that maybe it’s a different career you’re interested in or a side hustle that should now become a business. Quitting a job doesn’t mean that you gotta quit working.

Do your due diligence

Go online and read ALL the stuff you can get your hands on about how to quit a job. You’ll find that most sites will give you the same advice – figure out your expenses and start building that nest egg. Whatever that figure is, I say double it because you just never know. Now, sometimes you can’t wait to leave the job and you’re not willing to wait out this saving period (Me) but you’ll need to make some tough choices and have some hard conversations if you don’t. For me, it meant talking to my hubbs and figuring out together what this new dynamic would mean for our finances. And all those fancy drinks and nights out you love so much? Yeah you’re going to have to scrap those off the table if you’re going to stay afloat in this transition period.

It will get dark…and then it won’t

There’s nothing worse than seeing other people moving on with their lives, waking up and going to work while you’re still “figuring shit out”. There will be days where you will wonder if you made the right decision. There will be other days where you will scour job sites desperately and take the first thing that comes at you. Don’t. Stay busy and stay focused. This is not a holiday so get up like you normally would on a work day and sit down at your desk and get to work. Go out and do the pitches, work on your brand and go at it harder than you ever did for your employer. Find a support system that will remind you why you made this life changing decision and trust your gut. You already made the difficult decision to leave a job that wasn’t serving you any longer – now you have to put your plan into action.

Are you transitioning? Been there, done that? Let me know what your experience has been like!

And remember, doubt kills more dreams than fear ever will.

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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