Biashara 360: How to Stop Talking About It & Actually Get It Done

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One of the things I have been the most passionate about this year is “DOING“. Well, that and “intentionality”. It’s been the biggest them of the little Instagram videos that I do. I think the reason I feel so strongly about the act of setting out to do things is because I worry about living the same year twice never making any changes. As we head into another year, I know for certain I don’t want to carry the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s” into 2018. I can’t. And neither should you.

#TreatYoself isn’t just about buying yourself pretty shit and going out for drinks (when you really shouldn’t). It should also be about stepping into the possibility of who you could become. I know sometimes you can hold back on setting goals because you’re afraid you won’t follow through or, that you’ll fail. What I want for you more than anything is to finally get over that.

And this is where Biashara 360 comes in. If you’re on my site a lot, you know I don’t promo things I don’t believe in. The reason I know this workshop will change your life is because I know one of the ladies personally and through coaching with her, I started to GET SHIT DONE! 🙂 I know you can put that money aside and invest in yourself this festive season. Why not change things up and buy into the idea that you are the greatest? Let these ladies show you how to get there. SIGN UP HERE!

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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