Kids’ Activity: Under The Sea Maze!

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Things have been really exciting around our house lately. The little one is cruising and has started standing on her own only falling if she realises you’ve let go! We’re heading to 1 year and can hardly believe it. Soon enough, we’ll be doing all sorts of activities and I can’t wait!

One look around a toy store can have you wondering why kids’ stuff is so expensive even though it will be destroyed within second. A friend of mine bought her daughter a colouring book that was filled in in a matter of hours. It can have you reaching for the nearest, cheapest solution. Lucky for you, the guys over at have all sorts of fabulous kids’ activities that you only need to print. You better believe when we get to the pen and paper phase little one and I will be all over this site!

Featured here today is this Under The Sea maze that will keep your young one busy for an afternoon. If you head over to their site, you can also see other worksheets and make your own as well.

Enjoy this chance to swim through critical thinking skills as your child completes this Under the Sea maze! Check out more kindergarten activities at




Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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