One Easy Way To Organise Your Freezer

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One of my friends throws down some serious pork ribs and once I am done convincing her we should have the recipe on here soon! During election week, I was camping out at her house and we decided nothing says pig out like a drawn out election process. Only challenge was once we opened the freezer, we had no idea what was what. Which was the pork and which was the beef? We eventually ended up cooking a batch of pork with some beef in it simply because we couldn’t tell the difference. Might also have been the wine we had been sipping all day. I realised then that I had a quick fix for this that I never told her. My extremely easy way to sort out meat in your freezer so that you always take out the right thing when you need it.

All you need is those little round stickers that you can get at any bookshop in assorted colours. Create an easy to navigate key like the one I have on my freezer.

So when you pack your meat in the freezer, just pop one of the corresponding stickers on there and you never have to play the guessing game ever again.

Now, how easy is that?

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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