The One Netflix Hack You Need to Try

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Netflix is awesome and it’s probably the one thing that I don’t mind paying a monthly subscription for. I’ve been able to re-watch some of my favourites like Dexter and Gilmore Girls while discovering new amazing stuff like The OA and Lovesick. But when you’re in the mood for a movie, Netflix becomes a hellish place to navigate. There are way too many options and sometimes you just give up entirely and give up on watching anything at all. So, to help you out and to make sure you’re using your Netflix to its fullest potential here’s the only hack you need.

It’s basically random selection. The first thing you need to decide how you’ll watch e.g you’ll pick the 5th option, or the last movie on the right hand side, or whichever title has someone’s name in it. Make it really fun and really random. Then, pick your category. Whatever random thing you’re using to select your movie is it. Either you’ll get a really great movie you never would have watched or you’ll end up with something completely shit and you can then make snarky comments through out the whole thing.

The best thing about this little hack is you will discover things you wouldn’t ordinarily watch thus using your Netflix to its full potential.


Willing to try it out? Let me know what gems you discover!

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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