How to: Birthdays on a Budget

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Past a certain age, birthdays simply serve as reminder of your mortality. Some people like to have the day come and go without any pomp. Others celebrate for the entire month. I blame social media for creating this ‘birthday month’ nonsense honestly.



My husband and I don’t really mind either way. Our birthdays fall smack in the middle of the month as it begins to swerve on that broke corner. We’re always happy with any type of celebration no matter how simple or how big. I think birthdays are there to remind you that your purpose here on earth is not yet fulfilled so you have another year to get it right. It should be a special celebration of the person you have become and any small acknowledgement¬† goes a long way.
For the Food Lover

My hubbs is a simple man. One of the reasons I love him as much as I do so a meal made special for him always makes him happy. If you have a great butcher, get a rump steak and have them trim it for you but leave a little fat on it. If you haven’t the slightest about buying meat, go to the deli section of a good supermarket and tell them what you’re looking for. I suggest getting something a little plump (about 350g per steak) because it will shrink down when you cook it. Serve with some creamy mash potatoes and nice glass of red. This is a hit every time. Here’s a guide to knowing how to cook the kind of steak you want. We always do ours medium rare.

For the Movie Buff

Movie going isn’t something we really do in Kenya which explains why the prices are always so damn high. But, with a little great timing you can take advantage of a deal. Check out your local cinema listings (I use Kenyabuzz) and see what offers they have. A mid week movie is always a great time out and you can have a drink after the movie depending on how you time it. Most places have Happy Hour on weekdays so extra savings all around!

If You’re Crafty

You could make something. This is for when your budget is just done for completely. There are plenty of online templates you can use to custom make cards and print or you can use an online design platform to create an e card to send on whatsapp. If you have little ones, get creative with some paint and do hand prints on a card from the whole fam. These personal gifts are always the most treasured.

The Ultimate Gift


No. Not Beyonce. You. Honestly. Especially where a significant other is involved. So much of our days is spent busy working and we’re always too tired to do anything even simply having a conversation. Send the kids off somewhere for one night and relive your early dating days. Get busy every where but the bedroom and remember what it was like when you couldn’t get enough of each other. Nothing beats good old fashioned rekindling as a birthday gift. Oh, and make sure you do that thing he likes but you never have time for (every couple has one of these I’m willing to bet).

Whatever you decide to do for a low key birthday, make it special!

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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