3 Easy Ways to Reconnect With Your Girlfriends

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The older we get, the harder it becomes to keep our friends close. Life just tends to happen and as with all things, we grow out of seeing each other every day. It doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. It just means that life got a little hectic. When you finally do need to check in with your girls though sometimes your pocket refuses to cooperate. Getting together doesn’t always need to be hectic and here are some tried and tested plans that you can try with your favourite besties.


Have a Pot Luck

This is my absolute favourite thing to do because my friends throw down! Those who can cook bring their greatest hits and those who can’t bring the booze. It’s a perfect plan. Just find someone with a Netflix subscription, put on a ridiculous movie and then talk over it as you catch up. Simple rules for a potluck – have one of everything. Have someone bring a protein, another a carb and some kind of salad so it balances out. You know what goes great with a pot luck night? A nice big bottle of Frontera! Or, if you’re like me some whiskey does the trick every time!


Whatsapp Watch Something Trashy

I did this with one of my friends the other day and it was the most ridiculous thing we have ever done. I was curious about Nairobi Diaries because girls on my news feed are always talking about it. So I convinced her to watch it with me at the same time and we would keep up on whatsapp. It was ridiculous! Especially because I was a few minutes ahead but it was such a fun way to reconnect. Looking back, maybe we should have skyped? If you use whatsapp just make use of the voice note function and you’ll be okay.


Good Old Nyama Plan

Nyama plans seem like those things that are for the boys but I can guarantee you we girls do it better. Sunday afternoon in a random dingy joint with some good choma and a couple of beers is a fabulous way to catch up. My favourite spot? A place in Kamakis on the Eastern Bypass called Outskirts (Ask for Sarah – she chomas the best meat).

Fun, easy and cheap plans you and your girls get up to? I would love to know! Drop me a line below.

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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  1. Angie says:

    Skype is a good idea, but it will kill us!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I am sure you have finished that season of ND. SMH!

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