My Favourite Baby Products

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Little ones are precious and before you figure out what works for your baby it takes a couple of tries. Here’s a short list on the things that I am currently loving.

Good old coconut oil

My tot had the worst baby eczema ever. It got so bad at some point that she has a super flare up on her neck that was completely pink and raw. This was pre head control so that spot was constantly moist which didn’t help matters. So what I did was a 2 part process. I used Sudocrem which helped dry out the area. This product is genius and anyone can use it for almost everything. Once that was less moist, I started baby on 100% coconut oil. Her skin cleared in less than a week and has been pretty perfect since that day. We use coconut oil all over her body now for her after bath massage. My current fave is Alison’s but I sometimes steal the Kentaste cooking one from the kitchen for my hair :-).

Basic Cotton

Baby wipes are wonderful and convenient but they cost a lot of money. I’m partial to Huggies newborn wipes because the tot has never had a breakout from them. But, if the baby is simply in the house and not on the move, then you can just use some warm water and cotton. It’s much cheaper and more economical than wipes. Plus, if your husband is over zealous with baby bum wiping like mine is, you’ll go through way too many wipes. Cotton is the way to go. I buy the huge pack and use a little at a time packed into a zip lock bag.

Avent baby containers

I love these because I used them to store breast milk when I was expressing and now I use them to store baby food. Typically we make food fresh every day in the morning but we use the containers to keep it all in until it’s meal time. They’re super convenient and if you’re not storing a lot of breast milk, a much better option than the milk bags which are pretty expensive. They’re also great because if you have an Avent pump you can plug them directly and they are easily stackable.

Avent silicone bib

I LOVE this product! We were going through way too much detergent using the cloth ones and they were just messy. They never did a great job of protecting the clothes from the food that well. This bib is pretty awesome and is about 1200. If that’s too much for you, Baby shop have these plastic ones for 400 a piece and they work just as well.


Anything you’re using for your baby that you’re loving? Let us know!

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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