De-cluttering For Hoarders

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We have a culture of stuff. Call it capitalism. Call it consumerism. Call it what you want but our disease in today’s world is stuff. We have way too much of it. We live in houses too big for us, drive cars that consume too much fuel and eat a whole lot more than we really need to be. One look around your house and I am sure you can spot all the things cluttering your life. Take your time and really look around and ask yourself, “When is the last time I used that thing?”.


I’m willing to bet the answer is either never or a year plus ago. I took on a de-cluttering mission about a month back and it did wonders not only for my living space but my head space as well. I am a hoarder (like my father) and very sentimental about things so this process was really difficult for me but there are a few things you can do to make the process easier.

Use this wardrobe trick


Clothes are probably the easiest thing for me to get rid of because I don’t attach too many feelings to them. I hate shopping and my personal style is “whatever fits me”.  However, there are a couple of pieces that I held onto for ages because they were special or I was saving them for special occasions. Of course, that never happened. I read somewhere that you should hang your clothes facing backwards i.e. with the hanger the other way around and whatever is still in that position at the end of a few months or even a year, you have to donate. This is a great way of getting rid of stuff you know you will never wear. If it’s been a year and it hasn’t seen the light of day, let someone who will actually wear it have it. This has worked for me and the only thing I am struggling to get rid of now is my wedding dress. Do y’all know what I can do with it? Let me know!

If it’s broken, toss it

Kenyan homes are fighting climate change one home at a time because we are master up cyclers. Ice cream tins become food storage. Old thermos covers become cups. Soda bottle become candle holders. It’s our nature. Unfortunately, this means we’re also pretty bad at throwing away things that don’t work anymore. My mum is tough when it comes to things like that. She once threw away my non stick pan in the bin because it was completely done. I have also learned that if something isn’t what it used to be and isn’t serving any use, throw it away. No. You will never find use for it and some of it is just plain old trash.

You have to get tough


Sentimentality will be the death of some of us. Have you seen those people on that show about hoarders? They’re legit emotional about throwing things away. We don’t want you to end up being a news item so the best thing you can do it get really tough about the things you’re holding onto and why. I had a huge box that had a lot of sentimental crap. Pictures of old boyfriends, high school love letters, birthday cards from eons ago, ticket stubs and just a whole lot of mess. I had moved with this box for the last 5 years. I couldn’t tell you exactly what was in it until the other day when I opened it up and realised it was just a box of trash.  Some memories are wonderful but we don’t need stuff to remind us that they are. I threw away the box and only kept about  items in a much smaller one freeing up some much needed wardrobe space. I am glad the past made me who I am today but I certainly don’t need a box with all the stuff to remind me. I have old journals for that.

Are you up to de-cluttering your living space? If you get stuck on anything, I’m here to kick your butt! Drop me a line below.

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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