How to Beat Sunday Blues

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As with all things related to marketing, hating Monday just feels like one more thing to add to that list. I might sound a little conspiracy theorist but I honestly do believe most of the things we universally hate or love are the product of a massive marketing machine that started way back to encouraging women to smoke cigarettes. But, I digress. I won’t lie I have also been in that hating Mondays boat. Sunday afternoon rolls in and you get so blue about a new week beginning. The end of your weekend is popping up out of nowhere after a weekend that didn’t feel long enough. If you dare, you could step out for a Sunday sundowner but at your own risk because nothing is sweeter than that Sunday beer. Here’s what I do.

Find one thing about the new week to get excited about


For a long time, I didn’t have a sense of purpose when a new week began. I would just wait for Monday to arrive then plan my life according to my mood for the week. Obviously, not very effective. When I started the #30Posts30Days challenge for myself, it really helped me get my shit together because every day and not just Mondays has one thing that I have to accomplish. Because I told you, my amazing readers, I had to stay accountable. But it’s become just a fun thing for me to do. For you it could be a new workout routine, starting a new book or making a kick ass breakfast plan to get you excited about the morning. Find something that is exclusively yours and will be good enough to get you out of bed on Monday morning.

Don’t think of Mondays as a fresh start

I think what makes the beginning of the week is because it feels like a whole new start and half the time you’re still worrying about the week before or anxious for the week ahead. If your week is a seamless transition from weekend to new week, it won’t feel so bad. How I do this is by creating a work plan for the following week on Friday evening. I know what I need to get started on come Monday morning and having a plan means that I don’t have to think about work the entire weekend. When Monday arrives, I have a game plan and one less thing to stress about.


Forget the memes and just do you

People will undoubtedly be posting ‘I hate Monday’ memes and even I am guilty of this. Dump every single one and tell anyone who sends them to you that you’re glad it’s Monday! Remove all that group negativity from your life and embrace the fact that if you’re waking up early, you have a job to go to. If you’re awake, hey, that’s one more chance to get it right.


Hope your Sunday is full of good vibes! If you’re indulging in some self care, do share! I’m planning on doing some laundry, making a fabulous lunch and watching True Blood from the beginning once more.

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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