3 Clever Ways to Use Baby Wipes

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Long before the thought of having a baby ever crossed my mind, baby wipes were a must have in my life. When I was in campus, I used to schlep around the huge packet of baby wipes in my back pack. I was and still am obsessed with this simple products because it serves so many unusual functions.

Make Up Remover

You know how expensive a bottle of make up remover is so when I discovered that my wipes work just as well, I ditched the expensive (and I’m sure toxic) stuff. Baby wipes – especially the ones for newborns or for sensitive skin are wonderful because they don’t have alcohol in them. That means they don’t dry out your skin. If you’re always too lazy to take off your make up before bed, this is a neat trick because a few wipes and you are done. My go to wipes right now are the ones I used on my baby – the Huggies Newborn ones althought any will do the trick.

Laptop Cleaner

Unconventional, I know and I am pretty sure all the IT guys will be on my case. However, it works really well for me. When my laptop is still off, I use a baby wipe to wipe down the entire laptop, keyboard included. After I’ve given it the once over, I use a dry Kleenex to get off any moistness left over. It works like a charm.

Light Switch Cleaner

This is one is also a little out there but light switches almost always get forgotten in the day to day cleaning of the house. On the weekends, I walk around with a baby wipe and go over the light switches because they tend to accumulate dirt because we’re always handling them. It’s one of those things that the nanny sometimes remembers to do but not so often. It’s no sweat off my back to grab a wipe and clean the light switches. Watch out for that kitchen one – it tends to be the grubbiest of them all.

Any clever ways you’re using your wipes? Let me know!


Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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