Why You Should Consider Creating a Style Uniform

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I watched the Minimalists documentary on Netflix the other day and saw this woman who started a thing called Project 333. Basically, 33 items of clothing including shoes and accessories are all she had to wear because she was trying to cut back on how much she spent on clothes. It was honestly the most genius thing I had ever seen. It forces you to really think about how you spend your money on clothes and being creative and purposeful about what you wear. While I couldn’t do project 333, I could certainly create some kind of style uniform for myself.

I work in a pretty flexible environment which might not be the same for you but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a style uniform. Right now, I spend my work days in slacks, a standard top, a simple sweater and Ngomas or Tomy Takkies. If I am being honest, this accidentally became my style uniform because nothing fit after baby and this is the most comfortable outfit for my day to day activities. How it’s helped is that I spend less time in the morning thinking about what to wear (which means I can sleep in!). It’s also less stress on obsessing about how I look because I have a pretty good idea how all my pieces look together because they are almost identical. It’s functional, it’s cheap and it works for me.

Now, a style uniform for me is only for Monday to Friday when I have to go to work. On the weekends, I wear whatever the hell I want. I’ve never been into fashion or shopping so the style uniform saves me from keeping up with trends as and it means when I walk into a clothing store, I know exactly what I am looking for. Slacks and a bold top. Tomy Takkies retail for less than 2,000 bob and Ngomas are a fabulous 349/- only! My style is very cost effective.


Accessories are my weakness!

If you’re thinking of getting started, here are a two things to keep in mind:

Track your functionality

Your style uniform needs to make sense for your day to day. So, if your day involves a lot of hob nobbing you need something that says serious but is comfortable then make sure all your outfits follow that style. My go to outfit is always ‘cute, but if riots break out I can run’. It’s basically personal preference balanced out with functionality.

A style uniform doesn’t necessarily mean cheap

When people hear style uniform they immediately think you have to deprive yourself of things or look for the cheapest ever product. Remember, if you’re going to be spending a huge amount of your days in these clothes, they need to be able to survive your day to day. A good pair of pants can last a lifetime but if you’ve got thighs like mine, you need to get something super strong that won’t wear out in a month. The essence of the uniform is to save you on time in the morning when you get ready and to make shopping more deliberate than impulsive.

Would you consider creating a style uniform for yourself? Let me know! (And send lots of pictures too!) You can tag me on instagram  here.

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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