5 Household Items That Probably Need Updating

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A couple of week ago, something that has never happened in the house before happened. We ran out of diapers. Well, we were down to just one last one before I shuffled my too hungover self out of bed to go out and get some. I am Mrs. Fully-Stocked household and suddenly we had no diapers. Disaster. The worst thing about it was that I had to get a brand I typically don’t buy and that I had to snap out of my comatose haze to do it! The crisis was solved. This little incident however made me think of the day to day stuff we always know we need to buy. Groceries, produce and toiletries. It’s a no brainer and it’s exactly the reason we can scribble down a shopping list in the middle of wine with the girls. We’re used to buying those products.

One day however, our ever efficient House Managers hit us with, ‘By the way, pegs zimeisha’ or ‘Mop imevunjika’. Some obscure item that you bought a thousand years ago has now suddenly malfunctioned and you wonder how you never saw it coming. There are a couple of things around the house that don’t need frequent updating hence we tend to forget about them. The thing is, they just don’t work the same when they’re worn out and you don’t want to be surprised in the middle of the month with them. So, better to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some items that I am willing to bet you haven’t updated in  a while and should consider getting to it this month.


These always get forgotten. The one day you have to do laundry yourself is when you notice that they are all broken and you have like two functioning ones. I got these awesome ones from Nakumatt and they were only 50/- per dozen. Best thing is, they don’t have that spring thingy that always wears pegs out and eventually breaks them.


Bathroom brush

Your bathroom is always clean so this one tends to be forgotten. Get yourself a new, sturdy one especially if like me, you need the bathroom scrubbed daily. I’m willing to bet the one you’re using has seen better days.

Basins and buckets

Thanks to the baby, we ended up buying a new round of basins and buckets which came in super handy during rationing for extra storage. I also realised that we had a few questionable basins that had seen better days and my previous cleaning lady had suffered doing laundry with them. Shame. If they’re missing handles, have torn and are wearing out, change them. It just makes the task easier for whoever does your laundry.

Kitchen Sponges

I’m fairly good about this because when I do dishes over the weekend I get t see how worn they are. I can’t stand it when the sponge thins out and loses it’s scrubbing strength. Also, stuff tends to accumulate on them after a while so you definitely want to be changing them out as needed. Just keep pack somewhere in the house for when you need to toss an old sponge.


This may seem like an obvious one because you sleep on it everyday but it strangely tends to get forgotten. A dark memory from my single days were guys who had pillows that were basically as thin as handkerchiefs. Don’t let yours get there! Plump, firm pillows just add that little extra niceness to your bed and are better for your sleep than that lumpy thing you’ve had since college.

Random items that usually need updating that you think I’ve left out? Drop me a line below!


Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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    How about underwear. Those away the old ones and refresh your draws….ama?

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