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I’ve been working with the standard menu planner template I created a while ago and it’s been working out pretty great. But, I am always trying to find out what other people are doing in their houses to better stay organised. A good friend of mine had this 30 day menu up on her fridge when I went round to see her and I thought it was absolutely genius. (When she’s not dishing out menus, she blogs here and could help you figure out this thing called life!)

The old menu planner

The way it works is instead of having regular, routine meals on specific days you work with whichever day you’re on. If you’re on day 13, you make that meal. If you happened to go out for dinner and didn’t make anything that night, you just pick up from the last made meal. This menu is especially fantastic when it comes to getting rid of the predictability of meals. If people know that Wednesdays is githeri, then you have one day a week where no one is excited (unless it’s my githeri in which case you should be excited 🙂 ) The menu works if you hate predictability with your meals but still would like some organisation. If someone else makes the meals in your house, it’s great for giving them guidance as well on those days when they’re pretty clueless about dinner.

Here’s a snapshot of what our May menu looks like.


See the full menu here (already filled out) or use the Google sheet here.

How to use the Google Sheet:

  1. Click on the link above to open the Google sheet.
  2. Once it appears, sign in to your Gmail account (You’ll see the sign in button on the top right corner).
  3. When you sign in, you should be able to click on ‘File’ and then ‘Make a Copy’. This will add the sheet to your drive folder.
  4. From there, you can use it on your Google sheets as needed.

Note: This template is for use on Google Drive. If you don’t have a Google account, give me a shout and I can send you the .xls.


Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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