3 Ways to Revamp Your Home Without Breaking Bank

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A friend of mine is about to move out of home so she’s been identifying all the cutesy and kitschy items that she’s going to use to give the house her personal touch. While she’ll be enjoying her new pad with its fresh set up, I’ll be looking at my house wondering how to spruce it up so that it looks new.

Revamping a house can be an expensive affair especially once you walk into those house and home stores and spot a vase (that you just have to, have to have!) that runs into the thousands. With a little craftiness and some shopping around though, you can have a ‘new’ living space in a matter of hours. All you need is a Sunday afternoon and some creativity.

Make, don’t buy

Furniture and craft stores have gorgeous stuff but most of it is so expensive that you can only ever do one thing at a time. Blowing thousands on a new painting means that the furniture or curtain upgrade will have to wait until next time. Instead, consider making some stuff yourself (or design and get someone to do it cheap). My husband and I are proud nerds so we live and breathe movies. We had little A5 boards made with pictures of scenes from our favourite movies with quotes imposed on them for our wedding which we later upcycled and used as art work in our home. They hang all over the house and it’s always nice to see Gandalf telling me he’s looking for someone to go on an adventure with as I leave the house! Or feeling like I look fabulous and standing next to Starlord, Dirk Gently and wise words from Douglas Adams like in this picture here!


You don’t need to be a super designer to do any of the work. Just use an online platform (I use Canva) and then go into the CBD and get someone to print them on forex board for you. It shouldn’t cost more than 250 Kes a piece. Alternatively, you could just print them on photo paper and hang them up strategically.

Check out social media for craft store offers

If you’re ever on Facebook, then you’ll see a lot of ads from people who hand make gorgeous things that can add that pop of life that’s missing from your house (or office space). Most time, the things people make are affordable plus a lot of them offer free delivery along with their purchases. As a special treat for Women’s Day, I currently have a 50% off offer running on my page for awesome custom made items that you can check out. The operation is Kokoon Krafts and they make the most amazing stuff.

You can also check out Etsy.com for local crafts people making wonderful things that don’t break the bank and are one of a kind.

Move things around

This is the easiest way to revamp our living space without breaking a sweat (especially when you get someone else to do it as you tell instructions at them). By simply moving your furniture around, you can make a room seem more spacious and/or completely different. Sometimes the change you need is just to switch things up enough so that you trick your brain into feeling that the space is a completely different one.

The only thing to keep in mind when you move things around is things like the light switches and power outlets. It’s great that you now have your TV stand facing away from that annoying window but does that mean you don’t have easy access to the satellite outlet in the wall? With some things, you may have to leave them in the same spot because of convenience but with everything else, there’s always room (pun!) to play around.

How are you changing up your living space for cheap? Let us know in the comments below!

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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