What to Stock in Your Kitchen – The Full Pantry Essentials List (Free Printable!)

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This has been an intense week for me. I’m back at work so that means actually leaving the baby each morning and calling home obsessively every hour (Sorry Nanny T!). It’s also been a great week to test out my meal plans and see that they work even without my supervision (They do – fabulously). I did figure though this is the perfect time to talk about what stocking your kitchen looks like.

Every good kitchen runs smoothly by having the basics on hand at any given time. This means that you can always whip something up at the drop of a hat. But even more than this, it means that when you plan out your meals for a certain week or month, you already have the base ingredients so all you’re spending on is items such as fresh produce and/or meat. Stocking our pantry also gives you a chance to bulk buy some items and save on them.


A few notes on the list:

It will have some items that you either don’t like or don’t use. Obviously, feel free to ignore those items.

For the legumes, I find boiling and freezing in advance works best. If you have a big family or extra cash, maybe invest in a freezer and make enough to last the year. This is what I do.

I included deli items in the list but I find that these items are a matter of preference an budget. What I can say is always nice to have though is Viennas because they instantly transform a pasta dish.

While meat definitely features in our meals, I don’t consider it a part of an essentials list. If you want to add it though, great items for this are mince, chicken pieces and beef (I know a guy – drop me an email for contacts).

For the black pepper – whole peppercorns beat powder every time. Invest in a good grinder OR buy the black pepper with a grinder and just keep reusing it. (Tropical Heat has one although it’s a black pepper medley rather than exclusively black pepper).

Anything that you would love to see on the list but is missing? Let me know and I’ll add it on!

Happy Stocking!


Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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