The Cheapskate’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Is it just me that feels like Valentine’s day always comes way too quickly? As soon as the Christmas decorations are done the teddy bears and chocolate hearts are all over the place and you don’t feel like you had enough time to get over your Njaanuary situation. We don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s day in our house. The last time we did something must have been two years ago and then we just did a nice home cooked meal in. I love love. But I am not crazy about going to an over priced and over crowded restaurant or a weekend away where everyone and their mistress has pitched up to. I like low key Valentine’s days. I think single or not, you can have a pretty special weekend without breaking the bank or getting ripped off by yet another ‘offer’. I like to think I’ve got something for everyone.

For the long term relationship

You’ve been there – that stage of the relationship where frills were a necessary part of Valentine’s day. With life maybe kids, who has time for frills anymore? It doesn’t have to be because it’s Valentine’s day but because you want to reconnect. Rather than spend the evening looking at a menu with one raised eyebrow, why not make it a night in? Surprise your SO with an intimate home cooked dinner. Grab a recipe from my friend Leo Tunapika like her red velvet pancakes and either make it yourself, or do it together! Breakfast for dinner on Valentine’s day? Yes please! All this needs is a little candle light (and KPLC might even help you out 🙂 ) and a great playlist (Give Gregory Porter a try. His voice is like chocolate). Use this time to reconnect with each other again. I recommend watching a laugh out loud comedy though over a rom com. Those movies are way too unrealistic but comedies are for the soul.

For the relationship with little people

If you have kids, then you’re probably wondering why I am even telling you about Valentine’s day right? You just want sleep. A perfect day for you is if someone booked you into a hotel room for the weekend and let you sleep for more than 8 hours, order room service and get a little toasted. But, since that’s not going to happen this time around (maybe next year?) why not get the kids involved! There are so many sites that have free printable card templates that you can make with your kids for a fun arts and crafts project.


Get some super indulgent snacks and spend the day watching movies as a family. My top picks for a kiddie Valentine’s Day? Up, Inside Out and Tangled.

For the new relationship

Nothing destroys a relationship faster than expectations. You expect someone to act in a certain way because it’s Valentine’s day. Sometimes, it’s too much pressure and you end up with a dusty wallet after trying to meet those expectations. I think new relationships thrive on the unexpected and a sense of new adventure. So for your Valentine’s day, why not try something you have never done before (or done together)? Spend the day hiking a nature trail or biking. Oloolua Nature Trail is nice and serene. For biking, Karura is great and rents out bikes as well.

For the ‘Not sure what we are’ relationship

I’ve got a fabulous solution for you here – and it’s free! Get in on my giveaway and get yourself 500 Kes to spend at Migwi Farms on some potted plants and herbs. Awesome, right? Nothing says “I don’t know what the fuck is happening here but I like you” like a potted plant! Except you know…saying it.

Source: Migwi Farms Facebook Page

If for nothing else, spending the day trying to figure out your little garden with someone you’re feeling isn’t a bad plan. You can check out the K1 Flea Market that happens on Sundays and stop by Migwi Farms’ stall to pick up some plants. Low pressure situation for a low pressure coupling.

For the single in a loving relationship with yourself

You’re the luckiest of the bunch! You can do whatever the hell you want and you only have to consider buying it for one. Couples always have to think in doubles and it is bloody expensive. You could do every single thing I have listed on here. An early morning movie at IMAX for 1/3 of the normal ticket price. Get yourself a potted plant and a few herbs and work on your garden. Use said herbs to make yourself an amazing meal and end the night with a great movie. Just promise me one thing – no drunk dialing!


What do you have planned for Valentine’s day that’s easy on the pocket? I would love to know!

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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