Product Review: Pureit Water Filter

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Back in campus when I lived in a cutesy one bedroom and my days blurred into each other because of several nights out up to no good, I used to drink straight out of my tap. In fact, everyone I know did. We never had time to think about what was in the water. All we knew is we had woken up with ashy AF throats that needed quenching. Even when I moved into adulting and got a job I still drank tap water for a long time. One day though I decided to get a dispenser and buy drinking water like a grown up. You and I know that drinking water isn’t cheap especially not after it was slapped with some more taxes. When I was pregnant I got into the habit of drinkin A LOT of water. In our two person household we were going through a 20L bottle every week. Now that I’m breastfeeding and rarely out of the house, I drink about 4.5L of water a day. Suffice to say, buying water wasn’t cutting it.

The Unliver Pureit water filter was actually a gift (and such a practical one!) but I figure why not tell you how it’s working out for me in case you’re looking for a water solution. It retails for 9995 Ksh and can be found in most stores (although Nakumatt are having some procurement issues). Ours was from Game Discount World.


All the stuff it says on the bottle is true obviously. No boiling which means less hassle and eases your power bill. The water IS safe so you can trust it. Tap to filter to mouth.

It’s not as huge as the dispenser we had before so it’s created room in our house. We used to have those tall dispensers that needed a whole corner. Our filter now sits on a corner table along with our whiskey :-).

Water filters pretty quickly. Aside from the first two run throughs that you have to do to clean it out and get it running, the water does come down easily and in about 30 minutes you have clean drinking water.

The obvious one – we don’t have to buy water anymore. This also means I don’t have to worry about disposing of those empty bottles (I wasn’t using refillable bottles).

Depending on how much use you get out of it, the filter system will last you on average



While it’s not huge for us, it might be huge for you. You would have to make room for it elsewhere if your kitchen is already tight for space. We have ours in the living room because it would be too much in the kitchen.

It’s only 9L of water. If you have a lot of people in your house who drink water all the time then you will need to be organised about filling the filter frequently. In our house, we do it once in the morning and again in the evening. I also make sure that there are bottles in the fridge.

It’s not hot or cold unlike a regular dispenser. This means you would have to boil water and/or make sure you have some in the fridge. Although, this isn’t a big deal. It just means you have to remember to store cold water and boil and put in a thermos if you need hot water often.


To try and curb the cost of buying water in your home, I would recommend it. So far, so good with the product and it is easily the most practical gift I have ever received.

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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8 Responses

  1. Angie says:

    Heh!! Now I have to save up for this. Thanks!

  2. Maureen Muturi says:

    So getting one!! I have a million bottles that i struggle to dispose..thanks for the tip.

  3. Muthoni says:

    Interesting. Am contempleting to get one to the UK. Our water is very hard with so much lime scale. 9L is plenty. No Unilever in UK

    • Gathoni says:

      Really? That’s unfortunate! Perhaps a willing party can get it to you. Or maybe try contacting them and seeing what options they can offer.

  4. MERCY says:

    I had been avoiding getting one(coz of cost).One day as we were planning to get a refill for a 20L bottle at one of the nakumatts, they told us that we couldn’t buy water with the bottle brand we had! We were so annoyed and decided tp buy a Pureit there and then. Best decision ever. It has paid itself back and saved us loads. Highly recommended.

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