The Njaanuary Series: Re-evaluating 2017

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Welcome to week 68 of January 2016! You’re still hanging in there. I’m pretty sure it’s truly started to feel like the month will never end. It’s week three and you’re probably wondering how many bloody weeks does this month have?! Here’s something to consider, depending on the organisation you work for, its roughly ten days to pay day. Not a bad perspective right? Still, you have to survive those days. It’s time to do some work on you.

Make an actual resolution

The euphoria of the new year has no doubt worn off by now. The diet plan has long been forgotten because you started to stress eat because you’re broke. The reading plan has been tossed to the side because you get home and binge on your favourite show. Exercise? Who said anything about exercise?

Basically, your will power is at an all time low. But, this was the year you truly wanted to change right? You can still make it happen. A month or a week at a time. Make ONE resolution for yourself that you can truly manage. And focus on only that. Hell, focus on it for the year if you are want. They key is to keep it simple.

A few ideas:

Read a book. You can download the reading app Aldiko and read the FREE classics they have available. For android. For Iphone.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier for a morning meditation session. (Again, plenty of free apps. Try Calm. For android. For Iphone)

Be more grateful. (There’s an app for that! Try Bliss. Currently on available for Android.)

Find a fun exercise challenge and follow for a week. You can get a tonne of these for free on Pinterest.

Follow a meaningful conversation on Twitter about something you care about and contribute to the discussion. Learn something!

The point here is to always keep doing And making sure it’s small enough to manage. Before you know it, you’ll have a great new hobby or a healthy new habit.

Make a second income a reality

I’m willing to bet that somewhere in this month you’ve been wondering why your job is the only thing earning you money. No wonder January has been so intense! A lot of people in Kenya are always side hustling and with good reason too. Sometimes you want to eventually make it a primary source (because you want to leave your job) and other times it’s because you have down time and extra cash never hurt anyone.

Use this downtime in January to start mapping out what you can do to get some money coming in on the side. Maybe you’re crafty and can make little trinkets to sell? Or perhaps you have a skill that you can use elsewhere. I’m a strong writer so I help others with research papers and creative writing (for a fee or barter deals). The point is to try and make some cash the easiest way you know how with an already existing skill.

Hope this makes the third week a little more bearable! Here’s to crushing it this week 🙂


Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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