Easy Save: Handwashing Soap

Yaaas! I wanna share this:

If you’re like me, then you will probably be hosting a couple of parties or chill get-togethers this Christmas season. Having people in and out of your house means more people with hand sanitation needs. I typically don’t spend money on expensive anti-bacterial soaps because I think it’s a con. Besides, we have all been to those nyama joints where the soap was super questionable! Plus, scientists are now telling us anti bacterial anything is a definite no-no so looks like I was ahead of the curve here. Yay cheapness! 🙂

My easy trick is to use these shampoo + body wash combos as refills for my handwashing soap needs. Serves the same purpose for less. They range between 230-270 depending where you buy them. My personal favourite is the Farmasi Bubble Bath but Beauty Formulas works just as well.

I have a little Dial bottle that I have used for a WHILE because it’s the only size that will fit on my sink. Everytime I have to do a refill I make sure to clean it first.


Happy handwashing! (and hosting).

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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