3 Cheap & Easy Date Night Ideas

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These days the minute I step out of the house it takes about 10 minutes for home sickness to start checking in. I’ve become a hermit. I hate going to places with crowds. I hate talking to people. I hate being out of my pajamas and in a bra. Actually, that last one is the one I hate the most. Unfortunately, I still have a yearning to leave the house once in a while but only under the condition that I only have to interact with hubbs. Date night is the two nights a month where we deliberately set aside time to do ‘us’. We get to have long amazing conversations about life and stuff our faces. Conversation and food – it’s really all I need.

I know it’s a challenge for a lot of couple to always think up things to do for date night that aren’t generic or expensive. I mean, a music festival averages tickets for 2,000 Ksh per person which is not friendly on the pocket at all and you’re not even guaranteed a good time. When you need to reconnect but the pocket isn’t cooperating, here are 3 ideas that can hopefully inspire some of your own.

Movie Night In

We looooove movies. We love them so much that we often wake up to catch the (cheap) 8AM show at IMAX. The crowd also tends to be a little thinner that time of the morning. Realistically, we can’t go out to the movies all the time so we needed to find a way to make them special at home and make a thing of it. On movie nights, I go all out. They have these adorable popcorn buckets at Nakumatt which just bring everything together.

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Pop some corn in salt and butter, put in a movie (it’s almost always a superhero rerun for us) and bring out the mattress to the living room. Movie night in is great for creating intimacy without the pressure of intimacy. It’s cheap because you’re really only buying popcorn and you can always pause for the bathroom. Total win.

Picnic at the Museum

This is actually a great friend date that doesn’t have to be reserved special for your significant other. I did this with my best friend once and it was the best afternoon ever. All you need is an easy to carry snack (like my roast chicken sandwiches), a (probably non-alcoholic) drink and a snugly blanket. The nice thing about the museum is that there is stuff to see so you can spend a couple of hours looking around at all the wonderful history and then settle in somewhere in the garden under the shade. Entrance to the museum is Ksh 200. If you want to push the cheap thing even further, try a picnic at the Arboretum. No fee to enter and you can carry a little portable speaker with you for a mellow afternoon under the trees.

Sweaty Date at Yoga

I had to throw this one in here because when hubbs and I went it was hilarious torture. Africa Yoga Project does free yoga every Saturday morning from 10am at Diamond Plaza. It’s a sweltering room with everyone from beginners to experts and the vibe is awesome. If you’ve both been saying you want to try something new or get fit, or both then this could be the ticket. It’s free (although I find it’s always nice to donate what you can at the end of the session) and I love the chance of getting out of your comfort zone for no price. After, you can grab a nice cold sugarcane and ginger juice and brace for the body aches to come. I suggest saving this date for when you’re really ready to see each other in less than flattering light! 🙂

Any cheap and easy date ideas on your end? I’d love to hear them! Drop me a line below.



Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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4 Responses

  1. Sheila Okanga says:

    Love it! Especially the picnic at the Arbouretum or museum.

  2. Denis Sigei says:

    I tried the picnic thing at the Museum one time – it was just amaze balls!

    Next up, Africa Yoga Project – been meaning to try that for like forever.

    • Gathoni says:

      I know right?

      Enjoy the yoga session! Be prepared to sweat but also for the great experience of a huge group of people moving together. It’s quite something. Remember to carry a change of clothes because you’ll be super sweaty! And have a chilled ginger and lime juice at the food court after :-).

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