Super Quick Fix: Toothbrush Holder

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There are two places the world that I always get shamelessly lost in. One of them is the stationery section of any supermarket or an actual office supplies shop. I am not proud of it and yet, I do not want to fix it. The other is a home shopping type store or the household section of a supermarket. As of now, I am still serving a self imposed ban from Mr. Price Home because how many wine glasses do you really need? (All of them!)

So when I see those soap or toothbrush holders in shops I always want to buy them. I like things that hold other things (It’s a problem!). Only thing is, the ones with the suction caps on them never stick. Am I right? It holds for a few hours and then scares you in the middle of the night when it drops all your toiletries which at 3 am, you believe can only be the sound of a break in. You toss the holder to the side and never look back…until you find another one that promises better staying power with “super suction caps”. Do not fall for it my friend. Instead, try this easy fix.

We have a really tiny sink in our apartment so no place for a cup to hold toothbrushes. My holder, naturally, lasted a day. So I put up ordinary plastic hooks with stickers and hung the holder.

TB holder collage

Ignore the fact that I have different types of hooks!

How easy right? Now, the holder actually holds. And it was a super easy fix. You just have to make sure the holes on the holder are big enough for the hooks. Also, make sure you measure right before you put the hooks on otherwise your holder might not fit.

Place the hooks into the holder without peeling off the back and position on the wall as you would hang it. Mark your hooks’ positions the go ahead and place them. No muss, no fuss. Just don’t forget to add the holder to your list of items to clean out weekly as these things can gather a fair amount of muck on them.

Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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  1. jegz says:

    I actually have one of those…boiling those suction cups to restore interisty has become a weekly ritual…thanks

  2. jegz says:

    *Integrity I mean

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