Here’s Why You Should Meal Prep

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If you’re a lover of food like me, then you’ve spent countless hours on Pinterest positively drooling over other people’s pictures of food. If you’re obsessed with organisation and planning and find joy in neatly stacked Tupperware like me, then you’ve also drooled over other people’s pictures of their meal prep. It has become my life and these days I have to think twice before accepting Sunday plans because “the way my meal prep is set up…”.

Maybe you’re clueless or you want to start out with meal prep. First thing – it’s basically just making meals ahead of time so you don’t have to stress during the week. I have a full time job and night classes so there’s no way I can ever be home in time to make a meal. My husband also works and while he can throw down – it’s a little insane to expect him to get home and be inspired in the kitchen every night. Solution? I take 2-3 hours every Sunday morning and whip up two meal options that we then alternate for lunch and dinner every day. If you’ve been quick about it – that’s basically 20 meals I make every Sunday. Sounds insane right? You’re thinking you’ll pass. Allow me to convince you why meal prep can seriously help you out wallet-wise and save you enough time.

You won’t waste food anymore

One of the challenges I had with making meals everyday was that we would always have leftovers. This was even after we packed some for lunch the next day. We would have leftovers which would be enough to have for dinner the next evening but not enough to have lunch. So we’d make a new meal. By Friday, the fridge was stacked with small multiple containers of sometimes indiscernible dishes that we would forget about and probably throw out at some point over the next week. Too much food was going to waste.

With meal prep – you have one container per person per meal. No chance of waste or leftovers. In fact, the joy of the end of the week is seeing all the Tupperware in the fridge cleaned and tucked away and all that’s left is a couple of beers and some chocolate. Every week, I make about a kilo of beef for one meal and one chicken for another. Typically, we’d be going through a lot more but with meal prep – it’s controlled.

You will save SO much time!

Giving up 2-3 hours on a Sunday beats struggling on a weekday evening to make a meal. Trust me. Hubbs and I have our own side gigs going and it’s nice to get home and know that dinner is sorted out. More time to make more money (for more kitchen stuff!). It also is a load off my shoulders because I can go to class and know that dinner is prepped so all I have to do is grab a dish and I’m good to go.

Plus, the more you do meal prep, the easier it becomes. A lot of it is trial and error in the beginning but soon you’ll be whizzing by without even thinking.

You’ll stretch your organisation and creativity

My Gmail calendar that helps me manage things

My Gmail calendar that helps me manage things

Meal prep calls for organisation. You can’t go shopping without a clear image of what you need. You have to get creative with the meal option because by Wednesday, you don’t want to be thinking “This meal again?”. There are loads of sites that can help you figure out what foods to make that won’t bore you half to death. And if you’re going shopping with a clear idea of your needs versus wants it means that…

You’ll save money

What’s a typical shopping trip like for you? Shopping list. Check. Items you need listed on it. Check. Standing next to the aisle convincing yourself you need pasta because you will make it? Yup! Ending up with a receipt longer than you anticipated? Check and check! We’re human and sometimes those sneaky sales and organised shelves with pretty products can get confusing.

Meal prep will make you buy only what you need. Well, meal prep and some discipline of course.

Next week, I’ll show you how and where to begin.


Yaaas! I wanna share this:


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